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Some of these are me. Most aren't. Can you guess which ones?

Anonymous asked: what site are you on?


If you message me ill tell you the username and site. I don’t wanna make it public on my blog :)

— 4 months ago with 1 note

No one wants to help me take my clothes off on this site. Maybe they don’t like newbies :(
Can’t even draw people to my room. Never had this problem hmmm

— 4 months ago with 1 note
Anonymous asked: I want to get you pregnant.


Thank you?
I will say, that’s the first time I’ve gotten that lol

— 4 months ago with 3 notes

I woke up so horny this morning. I think I am going to try getting back on that video chat site today 😉

— 4 months ago with 6 notes

That moment when you are trying to put yourself naked live on the Internet and your computer decides it has to update… lol
Doesn’t it know I only have a few hours before people come home!?

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